Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-27, 2012


Unless noted, all events take place at The Arts Exchange located at 750 Kalb St SE Atlanta, GA 30312-3477.

MARTA directions to The Arts Exchange:
Option A: Take the 74 Bus from Five Points rail station.  Exit when Bill Kennedy Way dead ends into Glenwood Ave (see the Snap Fitness on the corner).  Walk west on Glenwood about .5 mi, turn right onto Kalb St, and follow it to the Arts Exchange.

Option B:  Take the Blue or Green rail line to Inman Park/Reynoldstown station.  Catch the 34 Bus to the corner of Moreland and Glenwood Ave.  From there, catch the 74 Bus.  Exit at the corner of Glenwood Ave and Bill Kennedy Way (see the Snap Fitness on the corner).  Walk west on Glenwood about .5 mi, turn right onto Kalb St, and follow it to the Arts Exchange.

MARTA directions to Mary’s:
On either the 74 Bus from Five Points station, or the 34 Bus from Inman Park/Reynoldstown (see above directions to The Arts Exchange), exit at Moreland and Glenwood.  Walk east for three blocks, and there you are.

NOTE:  Our “fabulous” public transit system does not run much after 11pm.


To give progressive queers a place to meet and see great music & art; to promote the New South in the national queer scene; to build radical queer community in the South; to flirt with a bunch of hotties!; to learn about the various radical politics going on in our communities; to have fun dammit; to celebrate our culture; to cross cultural boundaries… and much more!

How much?

An “All Access” VIP Festival Pass is available for $25! Purchase your pass here!

Is everyone at MondoHomo queer?

Most of the volunteers, performers, and staff of MondoHomo do identify as queer, but some identify as bisexual, trans or straight allies. And we love it that way!

What do you mean by “Alterna-queer”?

We include almost anyone and any queer culture that isn’t mainstream gay/lesbian. However we specifically veer towards progressive and radical politics, punk, hiphop and fringe or edgy art. We don’t consider folk music (per se) or straight-up rock n’ roll particularly “alternative.”

Is MondoHomo Dirty South a non-profit?

No, it’s a not-for-profit. Which means that we aren’t an incorporated non-profit, and haven’t filed the necessary forms with the IRS and government to register for tax-exempt status. However, we are committed to not-for-profit status, which means that no one makes any money off of MondoHomo. All our staff is volunteer, except for professional sound techs, the web master, and some catering staff. All of the money raised by MondoHomo is put towards future MondoHomos, travel stipends for performers, and promotional costs, like printing flyers. We do have a fiscal sponsor — a non-profit that will accept donations on our behalf, and give the money to MondoHomo, if you plan to deduct your donation. We welcome any advice or encouragement in this area! Got any other questions? Email us to heyqueer@mondohomo.com

How do you choose performers & artists?

We always keep our eyes peeled for good performers & artists, and also encourage interested folks to contact us at homosouth@yahoo.com. When we start planning — usually March — we go through all the emails at that time, and check out the links sent to us. So don’t worry if you haven’t heard from us before then; we’re just slacking and haven’t gotten around to checking our emails! Do feel free to contact us again February-April, when we’re making our decisions. Artists are chosen based on 1) artists who haven’t already performed at MondoHomo or around Atlanta a lot, 2) artists who are doing new, interesting, energetic, alternative, work and have good politics, and 3) artists who fit into the shows we’re planning, in terms of either similar energy/style, or in rounding out the shows with different kinds of art. We HATE that we have to narrow it down to so few performers & artists, and we know there’s TONS of wonderful amazing queer artists out there… but there’s only so much time & space available! Please don’t hate us if we don’t pick you!